Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hunter's personality is coming out more and more lately. He loves to cut up and joke around but when he doesn't want to do something he is quick to tell you "No". He enjoys going around the house touching everything he isn't supposed to and stating "this is no no". I know I am not supposed to but I can't help but laugh.

He loves watching the show "Wonder Pets" or as he calls it, just "Pets". When he asks for it, we will turn it on in his room so he can watch it while he plays. The other day we were at Mimi's and he wanted to watch Pets... well they weren't on the TV and I didn't have any of his movies with me. He would get right in Mimi's face and say Peeeets- very drawn out as if she didn't understand. Then he brought her another remote to the TV to see if that one would pull up the Pets. Thankfully we distracted him by getting him to play with his blocks.

He is not even 2 yet and he amazes me more and more... I heard that you loose weight from laughing so I should be in good shape before long!!

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