Monday, January 10, 2011


Over the holidays, Hunter has gone from baby bed to big boy bed. With the big boy was time to update his room to fit what he loves the most... cowboy boots and tractors. We headed to Hobby Lobby and found some of the cutest cowboy stuff and Matt made my vision for a coat hook/rack come to life. We got some horseshoes from my Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Faye and Matt welded some together and formed my vision perfectly. Did I mention that Hunter loves his cowboy boots? Ever since he could walk he has loved them.. I think it is mostly because they make noise whenever he walks and he finds that amazing! He has not had shoes on all day and when we put these long johns on him or any pj's he immediately wants his cowboy boots. I guess he is going to be like his cousin Matt and sleep in his boots! He came in the living room, stepped up on the stool and said cheese... I guess that was my hint to take his picture!!

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