Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flash Backs

When I was little my Mom told me that she and I would dance around all the time.. seems like that gene has been passed down to Hunter. He LOVES to dance.. and at times he is pretty darn good at it if I might say. When he goes to my Mom's house he always wants to turn on her music and say "Mimi let's dance!" They have a blast together. Thank you Mom for passing on our love for dancing to him :-)

My Mom and I when I was around Hunter's age...

Monday, December 26, 2011


Merry Christmas! I can't believe it is Christmas already, boy did it sneak up on us!
On Christmas Eve we attempted to go to the Communion service at the church, however it didn't work out too well. Hunter did amazing considering he is only 2 years old but he was just way too excited and wanting to play for the service. (he wanted to climb under the pews to the back section where Aunt Tanya and everyone was sitting). There is something about sanctuaries that make little kids just want to run wild. Soo we decided to head home until it was time to go to Papaw Brannen's house. We had a wonderful time with family and good food. When we got home it was pretty late for Hunter but I reminded him that we needed to leave cookies and milk for Santa... his response was "I did" and just kept laying in bed. I repeated myself and he told me "I did" again.. but in a different tone.. kind of like "Look I did last year and by golly he is not getting any this year" Poor Santa.. hope the other houses fed him a lot because Hunter felt like he didn't need any more cookies. I really hope Santa didn't get his feelings hurt and not visit next year :-)

Hunter enjoyed his Christmas morning and at lunch we headed to MaMaw and Papaw Jones' house where he won $40! He was sooo excited!! Looks like that money is going into his savings account to save up for something special one day... Then it was off to the Diffie's where we enjoyed some delicious food and Hunter enjoyed playing on their ramp in the house. We have so got to get him a ramp one day.. haha He stayed on that thing the whole night.. either laying on it or rolling the cars up and down it. He had a blast!

I am getting exhausted from all the traveling around but it is completely worth it and I would not trade it for the world. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 1

Since we have so many families to visit during the holidays.. we decided to try to spread it out as much as possible so that we could actually enjoy spending time at each place. In years past we are rushing here and there and never get to truly enjoy time spent with everyone. So we decided to start off the Christmas holidays by going to my Mom's the Thursday before Christmas to eat supper and open presents. I am not a big fan of "holiday" food so I was really wanting pizza or something not "traditional". I loved it!

Hunter is the only grandchild on this side so needless to say all the presents under the tree use to be mine but I have been replaced... they are all Hunters!!! He was blessed beyond measure and we enjoyed watching him open because he was so excited and enthusiastic about every one of the presents.

Not too thrilled that we are taking his picture while eating his delicious pizza..

He loves his remote control fire truck!!

Matt and I were trying to get Hunter's M&M's from him. For some reason he didn't want to share :-)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hunting with the boys

Matt took Hunter and Luke to Tennessee with Uncle Shane to go hunting at Uncle Shane's cabin for a "boys" weekend. They left this past Thursday and came home today (Sunday). I have been away from Matt for a couple of days before and only Hunter for one day... I'll tell ya this trip killed me. I missed them so much but thankfully Verizon loves me because Matt had cell service while at the cabin so I was able to talk to my "men" everyday. I know this will become a regular thing with Matt taking Hunter on trips with just the two of them but gosh I don't know if I will ever get use to them leaving me. I might just pack myself in their suitcase... they will never know the difference :-)

Matt and Hunter... please excuse the deer in the back

Shane and Hunter on the tractor

Saturday, December 3, 2011

First "Date"

I can't believe my "baby" is growing up and able to go on his first "date".. ha! My friend, Paige, had some more Christmas shopping to do and wanted me to tag-a-long. I wasn't going to go at first because Hunter is not quiet the shopper. She convienced me to bring him with me.. I will admit, for an energetic 2 year old he did great. Paige has an -almost- two year old little girl named Gabby. A precious Gabby was perfect while shopping. There is a big difference between taking a girl shopping and a boy. Hunter tried to be patient with us but there is only so much a boy can take :-)

I do have one suggestion though.. all stores need to have the buggies that are like cars. They are a dream to a shopping mama! Too bad they only had them in the store where we only had to get one thing and we were in and out.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving was not as hectic as it has been in the past. I am blessed with 3 families to visit and Matt has 1, but now that Hunter is more energetic and can't take naps anywhere like he could in his baby car seat so we are just around his naps sometimes. I hate that I missed a lot of my family but the places we did get to attend were a lot of fun. I didn't get to take many pictures from my Dad's and Matt's family because some silly boy would not be still long enough (he pretty much loves to mess with me!!) :-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


So I had to actually take a picture of this or years later I wouldn't have believed it...but Hunter enjoys cleaning. I was cleaning the kitchen and he came in and said he wanted to help...gosh who was I to stop him. Matt was going to his sisters house and asked Hunter if he wanted to go usually it is a no-brainer answer) but he said no and that he wanted to stay and clean. I know this phase will end one day but my house and I am hoping and praying it doesn't. Now what will we clean next?!!?

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Gotta love the bright sun... Hunter rode about 15 minutes with his rag on his head to hide the sun!!

I know I know.. we are bad parents, we are just now taking Hunter to the zoo for the first time. Matt and I really wanted him to be at the age where he understood where he was and was active in the activities. He is really into animals and so we figured this was the best time (also we had a coupon that was about to expire so that helped make our decision even quicker). Hunter was very excited to go see the animals.. since he wakes up at the crack of dawn we were the first people at the zoo. We got ready as fast as we could because he was asking us every 5 minutes if we were leaving and my patience could take it too much longer J (I still love him though!)

Before now Hunter loved the idea of some animals but was not fond of actually touching them.. well that has completely changed. He fed and got to pet a giraffe!! I couldn’t believe it. I will be honest with you.. how many times in life do you get to feed and pet a giraffe. It was a blast! The Daddy giraffe was close to 15 foot tall. My Gosh!

Thank goodness he got to ride the train.. I think of everything he could have sat on that train and rode it the whole entire time. We had to beg him to get off when the ride was over with. I wonder if Santa can fit a real train on his sled for Hunter this year?!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finger Painting

Hunter’s first time finger painting... thank goodness it is washable ;-)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We were able to take Hunter to the pumpkin patch in Harpersville this year. He already has two pumpkins this year (one from my Dads yard and another from a church here in town) so he was excited about getting more pumpkins. When we got there they stamp your hand with a picture of a pumpkin... well I told Hunter “let’s go find you a pumpkin”... his clever response was to pull up his sleeve to show me his hand and tell me that he already found his pumpkin. Smart boy! Well as we were walking they have these tractors next to the farm animals and hay barrels, needless to say that was all Hunter needed. He was officially in tractor heaven. We kept trying to get him to come with us to see the animals or do something else but nope he was content just sitting on the tractor.

They had hay barrels stacked up for kids to climb on and slide down. Hunter wasn’t too sure about this but he did think it was fun to jump and hope that Matt was there to catch him! (he tends to jump even if you aren’t you always have to be on guard)
He was so funny trying to pick up “his” pumpkin... he would barely try and then tell me or Matt to do it because it was too “heaby”

So what is up with boys and rocks!?!? No matter where we go if there are rocks.. he is satisfied.

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween Hunter went as a train conductor. When the costume came in the mail he was very excited about it.. then all of a sudden he started going through a phase where he only wanted to where green shirts and if it was not a green shirt he had on, it was definitely something he picked out. Well considering his pickiness now..he did not want to wear his costume. Grammy convinced him that he could not get candy if he does not wear it... well candy was the best word because he was all excited then, thank goodness!!!

Did you know if you put Milk Duds on top of your head it makes them taste better?

The best candy is always at the bottom of the bag!

Hunter and his Pawpaw (or Papa.. whichever Hunter decides for the day!)

Hunter and his Pops

Hunter and his Mimi.. I mean the FBI agent

Gosh they are so alike..on the same foot, left arm down, right arm up... it's like looking into the future :-(