Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

In our home it is definitely starting to look like Christmas. Last year Hunter did not really understand nor pay attention to the Christmas decorations. However, this year he is amazed with everything and wants to explore everything. It has been so much fun watching him learn and grow more and more every day. He is such a sweet and loving little man. It is exciting to listen to the new words that he is saying and things he is doing.... I have no idea where he learns half of the stuff he does! His favorite things to say now is ROLL TIDE and WEEEE DOG... I know where he learned Roll Tide but have not figured out the Weee Dog one.

When people come over...this is where he automatically goes. He is either wanting to show the guest the tree or he thinks he can get away with pulling the ornaments off since we will be distracted with the guest.

I asked him to say cheeese and this is the face I got. I didn't complain... I am just glad that he actually looks at the camera every once in a while.
I could not get him to put the puffs down to take a picture so I guess they will be the new accessory.
Getting into Mimi's tree.......

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