Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boys are supposed to be dirty

Matt and his dad had to cut up some wood for his parents to burn in their fire place. Hunter was so excited to get to ride the BullDog through the woods to where we needed to be to cut up the wood. While the men worked, we played! Hunter loved gathering all of the rocks and putting them in a pile, then taking each rock and putting it back in its place, then doing it all over again. (he is very easily amused) His favorite thing is getting dirty.... There was some soft red dirt/mud (yes red dirt.... gotta love getting that out of clothes) and he realized that we can draw and dig in that dirt. He would get his stick dirty and wipe it on his pants just to get them dirty. He is definitely ALL boy and I love every moment of it. I wish I would have gotten a more pictures, but we dug a picture of a cross and he just sat there and listened as I told him about the cross and the significance of it. I'm not sure that he understood me, but he knows what I was telling him was important and one day it will sink in. I never take any moment with this little guy for granted.......

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