Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

When I see pumpkins.. I immediately think of the fall, football season, and especially cooler weather. However, in the South it is fall time, football season, but it is definitely not cooler. We went to the pumpkin patch and were hoping to get good "fall" pictures. Thank goodness we didn't dress for fall time because it was very HOT! We got there around 9 in the morning and by 11 we were about ready to go. All in all, we had a good time though. I am glad we battled the heat because we left with memories that I will cherish forever!!

The Animal Humane Society had a game booth set up. Hunter picked these two stuffed animals out. He loves ducks so he picked the green duck/bird out and then we helped him pick out the teddy bear.
He loved the little pumpkins... He really thought they were orange "balls". He would pick them up and we would see that arm go back and we would run over to grab the pumpkin out of his hands. We knew he was going to try to throw that pumpkin just like it was a ball.

So we drive all the way to Clanton, Alabama to let Hunter pick out his pumpkin, enjoy a funnel cake, cotton candy, and all of the other activities and the main thing he wanted to do was play with the gravel. I love that it does not take much to amuse him.
They had a petting zoo that had some piglets, cow, goats, pony's, chickens, and rabbits. He loved the piglets the best..
On our way to pick to let Hunter pick out his pumpkin
I already informed Matt that I didn't care what the pumpkin looked like, as long as we get the one that Hunter picks out. I didn't care if it was small, big, round, irregular shape, it didn't matter. We let him down in the pumpkin patch and we figured he would go to the first one he saw but he didn't. He went past a few and decided on this one to be his pumpkin!

(Hunter helping his Daddy carry his BIG pumpkin)

Hunter and his Mimi... (and Mimi's water bottle.. haha) We had to just take pictures with the water bottle because he was not going to let it go!

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