Sunday, October 31, 2010


We started off the Halloween celebration by attending the festival in Hollins. Hunter enjoyed playing on the playground and I was just amazed that the playground equipment was still up! Matt and I played on this playground when we were little and at that time the equipment had seen better days.... but it was special to have him play on the same stuff that Matt and I use to play on (unfortunately Matt and I didn't know each other at that time). Hunter had to go to ride on every ride... He didn't want anything to feel left out. What a sweet little boy! :-)
Grammy took him on his first ride down the big boy slide.... Hunter looks scared to death. He had more fun standing at the end of the slide and cheering for everyone else as they came down.

The festival was to raise money for the Volunteer Fire Department in Hollins. Hunter has seen fire trucks go by on the road but he has never gotten to get close to one, right when he saw it he starting making the siren sound. Of course, I had to take a picture of him on the fire truck. Maybe one day his sweet cousins and Uncle Louie can take him for a ride in the fire truck...

Uncle Louie made good sausage hot dogs with cooked peppers and onions on it. Hunter hardly stops long enough to eat anything so I was shocked to go to the table and see him eating all of his Dad's hot dog. I was so embarrassed to eat mine because it was plain (like everything is) and Hunter is sitting beside me finishing up his hot dog that had everything on it. I am so glad once he slows down that he is open to try new things.
Hunter loves the movie "Happy Feet". When he watches it, he will stand up and start tapping his feet on the hardwood floor just like the penguin does in the movie. I never showed him his costume until we got to the church and when we put it on him, he was thrilled. He looked down at his bow tie and looked at me with this look of "I look sharp...look at me!" He didn't understand everyone giving him candy at first but he warmed up quick once he starting eating a Dum Dum... after that he wasn't shy and would reach for a sucker instead of waiting for people to put candy in his bag.

Grammy and Granddad participated in the Trunk or Treat at the church... I would have to say that they had the best decorated "trunk" there.
Pops and his Penguin :-)
Hunter loves his Mimi!
He insisted on Mimi eating some of his sucker. He would not take no for an answer!
After all of the candy that Hunter ate, I figured he needed some real food in his system. All that we could get him to eat was popcorn...guess that's better than nothing. Overall, we had a blast and can't wait for next year!!

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