Saturday, September 4, 2010

When Hunter was little we bought every type of hat for him to wear. Unfortunately he would not wear any of them. He enjoyed taking them off and chewing on the hat..I guess it felt good on his gums. Well now that he does not chew on everything in sight, he has become interested in hats. (of course he would now that none of them fit expect one). I would put the hat on normal but that wasn't as fun to him as putting the hat on backwards. He thought this was hilarious!! If he see a hat now, he will try to put it on backwards. Looks like I finally get to buy hats for him to wear now.... I'm ready to go shopping!!

I have to admit, this is the cutest "thug" I have ever seen!!

This past weekend we had to get a new backdoor because the old one had a lot of water damage to it. We knew Hunter enjoyed looking outside and talking to Sysco the dog so we splurged on this door so he could talk to Sysco anytime that he wanted to. If Hunter ever goes "missing" around the house... this is usually where you will find him.

He was confused and didn't understand why Sysco wouldn't come to the door this time. Sysco was too hot and was not going to get out of the shade.

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