Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Santa and Tools

Dear Santa, Maybe I am strange but I have ALREADY been thinking about what were going to ask you to bring Hunter this year for Christmas. With Matt in school... I knew this year I was going to have to be creative with any toys that we got him so I am really relying on you Santa for help! Well, your little elves do not have to work too hard this year... all we ask for is a box of Pampers diapers. Matt and I would appreciate the diapers for Hunter and he would love the BOX. I have never understood why kids love boxes so much, but I do not have to understand because he had a lot of fun playing in the box.

He has these farm animals that go on the refrigerator, however, they never stay on the fridge. Their new home is here in the box. He spent a long time taking them in and out of the box and placing them in their proper place. It is amazing to watch how much his imagination has grown in the past couple of weeks.
Mimi and I got him this tool set. I had it out waiting on him when he woke up one morning and it happened to be right when Handy Manny was on. He was in heaven.... he was now Handy Hunter. He would walk around with the hammer and try to "fix" everything. He has taught me that standing up to play with the tools is overrated.... sitting down is a lot better.

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