Thursday, September 23, 2010

Luke's football game

Hunter's cousin, Luke, is playing football this year. He is an awesome football player! We took Hunter to Luke's first game to let him see Luke in action......
Hunter was very excited to watch Luke and he definitely LOVED watching the cheerleaders. He is such a boy.... He loves the game but the cheerleaders make it that much better :-)
He clapped and cheered for Luke the whole night. He was really getting into it!

He was a little confused as to why the game was over....he thought Luke was going to play ALL night. Matt and I enjoy going to the games so we are glad Hunter does too. Looks like I know where we will be on most Thursday nights!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beach Part 2

It is tradition to make pictures on the beach. We didn't get to do it last year because I was sick so we made sure we got them this year. Mom was running back and forth turning the timer on the camera on so that we could take a family picture. Hunter could not figure out what she was doing so of course he kept his eye on her...... He will get use to this soon because we take family pictures every holiday. :-)

Our condo is right across the street from Pier Park where we can eat supper, shop, and they have fun activities for kids to do. Mom, Hunter, and I wanted to ride the train so the men decided to take a seat and allow us to enjoy the ride. They look so relaxed!

Hunter found him a new hat....He is the new cowboy/sheriff in town!
Overall, we had a blast at the beach and can't wait to go again. We always had fun before Hunter came into our life but now it is even better. I honestly don't know what we did without him. It makes you realize the true meaning of Family. I can't wait to experience all of the future vacations together!!

Beach Part 1

We finally got to have our first beach trip this year to Panama City with Mimi and Pops. We stay at the same condo each year and rent from the same person. She is awesome and the place is super nice! Hunter wakes up at around 5:00 or 5:30 each morning, so on the first morning we decided we would go down to the beach and pick sea shells. Hunter picked out a very pretty one for Mimi and Pops for their anniversary... I am still not sure that he actually gave it to them... I know he showed it to them but I think he ended up keeping it. We haven't taught him the skill of giving a gift yet :-) But its the thought that counts!

Hunter really loved the sand and playing with the new beach toys that we bought him.

But he still wasn't sure about the sand being on his hands at first!
Align Center This is Hunter's favorite place to be...right on Daddy's shoulders

While everyone was watching the Alabama football game, Hunter was more into reading. It was absolutely precious to see him content and interested in the book. He would flip through the pages and just start talking like he was actually reading it. Isn't he smart!!!

He likes it when Mimi reads to him too....

I thought Hunter would love the pool because he loves to swim at home but he stayed in the pool for about 30 minutes and then he was ready to go back down to the beach....

He just HAD to have this Oreo.. I think he held onto it for an hour until we got outside and it started melting. He was sleepy so he was rubbing his hair which means Oreo was going everywhere... BOYS!

The last morning we were already up early so we decided to go to the beach and watch the sunrise.

Matt was determined to catch the little fish that were in the ocean.....

After going down to the beach to watch the sunrise... we found out that we were on the wrong side of the condo.... We saw the day was getting brighter but couldn't find the sun. haha! This is a picture from the balcony right in front of our condo door. Oh well, we still had fun on the beach and got to see the sun rise either way.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

When Hunter was little we bought every type of hat for him to wear. Unfortunately he would not wear any of them. He enjoyed taking them off and chewing on the hat..I guess it felt good on his gums. Well now that he does not chew on everything in sight, he has become interested in hats. (of course he would now that none of them fit expect one). I would put the hat on normal but that wasn't as fun to him as putting the hat on backwards. He thought this was hilarious!! If he see a hat now, he will try to put it on backwards. Looks like I finally get to buy hats for him to wear now.... I'm ready to go shopping!!

I have to admit, this is the cutest "thug" I have ever seen!!

This past weekend we had to get a new backdoor because the old one had a lot of water damage to it. We knew Hunter enjoyed looking outside and talking to Sysco the dog so we splurged on this door so he could talk to Sysco anytime that he wanted to. If Hunter ever goes "missing" around the house... this is usually where you will find him.

He was confused and didn't understand why Sysco wouldn't come to the door this time. Sysco was too hot and was not going to get out of the shade.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Santa and Tools

Dear Santa, Maybe I am strange but I have ALREADY been thinking about what were going to ask you to bring Hunter this year for Christmas. With Matt in school... I knew this year I was going to have to be creative with any toys that we got him so I am really relying on you Santa for help! Well, your little elves do not have to work too hard this year... all we ask for is a box of Pampers diapers. Matt and I would appreciate the diapers for Hunter and he would love the BOX. I have never understood why kids love boxes so much, but I do not have to understand because he had a lot of fun playing in the box.

He has these farm animals that go on the refrigerator, however, they never stay on the fridge. Their new home is here in the box. He spent a long time taking them in and out of the box and placing them in their proper place. It is amazing to watch how much his imagination has grown in the past couple of weeks.
Mimi and I got him this tool set. I had it out waiting on him when he woke up one morning and it happened to be right when Handy Manny was on. He was in heaven.... he was now Handy Hunter. He would walk around with the hammer and try to "fix" everything. He has taught me that standing up to play with the tools is overrated.... sitting down is a lot better.