Friday, August 20, 2010

Steph's Birthday!

On August 12th, I celebrated my 24th birthday! My wonderful family and friends took me to Old Town Grill for a delicious dinner. We haven't eat at Old Town Grill in months because it seems like every time we go, Hunter is into everything... doesn't want to eat...wants to be outside... etc. I decided since he is older, maybe things would be different. Boy was I wrong! All he wanted to eat was lemons (they have become his food of choice when we go to restaurants...I don't like to give them to him that much but on this night it was a life saver). He loves sour things, when it comes to lemons he mostly eats the rin (however you spell it) and not the actual "lemon". He was content eating those for a while but then he wanted outside and to be able to walk around. Mimi, Pops, and I took turns walking with him outside while everything got to eat. Before we had Hunter, other parents would joke that they do not have many warm meals anymore and now I understand what they are talking about. But honestly, I wouldn't trade a single moment with my little man for any warm meal!

He was sooo excited about his lemon!
He was telling me to stop taking pictures :-)
But... I had to get ONE more

This was truly the best birthday EVER! When we got home... Hunter and I curled up in bed at 8:00 (yes I am old and went to bed at 8:00). We aren't really sure what Daddy did.... sure hope he was ok... haha. Hunter and I were mostly focused on sleep!

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