Friday, August 20, 2010

The other day I realized that there are too many things that Hunter has not experienced yet and should have. Matt and I are going to do a better job to make sure that he does not miss out on the classic and fun things that get to do.

The firs thing we realized was he has not played in bubbles. He had a lot of fun experiencing bubbles for the first time... thank you to Michaela, Christian and Mattie for giving this wonderful gift to Hunter on his Birthday.

At first he wasn't too sure of them. He just watched them float up in the air or pop on his tummy.
After a little help from Mommy and Daddy, he realized it is fun to chase after the bubbles and try to catch/pop them in your hands.

The second thing we realized that he has not done before is play in the sprinkler... Wow we are such bad parents! The sprinkler is a classic "toy" for summer time. So Matt pulled out the sprinkler that I didn't even know we had and we played in it for awhile. The water was freezing but it felt good because it was HOT outside!

His motorcycle was dirty so we had to ride it through the sprinkler to wash it off.
Trying to get a picture with him can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. When he knows we really want a picture with him.. he will look away or do something else so that he is not looking at the camera. He loves to mess with us so we just try to make do the best we can.
See what I mean......... :-)
Hopefully after this weekend we won't be considered really bad parents!!

Steph's Birthday!

On August 12th, I celebrated my 24th birthday! My wonderful family and friends took me to Old Town Grill for a delicious dinner. We haven't eat at Old Town Grill in months because it seems like every time we go, Hunter is into everything... doesn't want to eat...wants to be outside... etc. I decided since he is older, maybe things would be different. Boy was I wrong! All he wanted to eat was lemons (they have become his food of choice when we go to restaurants...I don't like to give them to him that much but on this night it was a life saver). He loves sour things, when it comes to lemons he mostly eats the rin (however you spell it) and not the actual "lemon". He was content eating those for a while but then he wanted outside and to be able to walk around. Mimi, Pops, and I took turns walking with him outside while everything got to eat. Before we had Hunter, other parents would joke that they do not have many warm meals anymore and now I understand what they are talking about. But honestly, I wouldn't trade a single moment with my little man for any warm meal!

He was sooo excited about his lemon!
He was telling me to stop taking pictures :-)
But... I had to get ONE more

This was truly the best birthday EVER! When we got home... Hunter and I curled up in bed at 8:00 (yes I am old and went to bed at 8:00). We aren't really sure what Daddy did.... sure hope he was ok... haha. Hunter and I were mostly focused on sleep!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Hair Cut

My baby is growing up way too fast. Yesterday it was time for his first big boy hair cut. We got there a little early before our appointment so that he could get use to the place. He warmed up quick, mainly because 95% of the people in there were women. He loves women!! :-) We were wondering if Matt or I were going to have to hold him while Mrs. Dana cut his hair but we didn't have to. He said in the booster seat all by himself and did not move. He was great! Mrs. Dana gave him a certificate stating when, where, and who gave him his first hair cut. It was precious! (and yes I kept some of his hair even though Matt doesn't understand why... I guess it's just a mother thing)

When I am drying my hair in the morning, Hunter loves to play with my comb and brush his and sometimes my hair. He saw Mrs. Dana's comb and HAD to have it. He didn't ask for it, he just turned around and politely grabbed it. We will work on manners next time!

The hair cut wore him out, when he got in the car he went sound to sleep.

Matt had to go help a friend with something so we went to Mimi and Pops so I could get some studying done. We were about to leave and Hunter saw this apple on the counter and insisted he eat it. I think this is one of the first whole apples he has eaten. We usually cut it up for him. He did so good and I just love that he wants to eat fruits.

These are a few of his favorite things...

Hunter has always loved bath time, he enjoys playing in the water and trying to get everything near the bathtub soaking wet. Every once in a while, we will put bubble bath in the water and let him enjoy playing with the bubbles. I am so thankful that he has not tried to eat them yet!

Unfortunately the bubbles do not last long with him. He is kicking and playing in the water so much that the bubbles just disappear quick!

He loves going to church so that he can play in the nursery with all of the other children. When he first gets there, he is not very excited but he warms up very quickly. Then when church is over, he does not want to leave because he is having so much fun. Of course I had to get a picture of my two favorite men. Sorry that some of the pictures are blurry, my camera has been acting crazy but thankfully it is fixed now (I hope).

His best friend is Maggie, she is my mom and step-dad's dog. She is a very active dog but when it comes to Hunter, she is so gentle and calm. Her "motherly" instincts kick in and it is almost like she senses that he is a toddler and she needs to be extra careful with him. Hunter can pull on her (as you can see in the picture below) and she just sits there and takes it. I'm sure she is taking notes and will get him back once he gets bigger. We laugh because when he walks into Mimi and Pops house, he does not say hey to them anymore.. it is now "Dog" or "Hey Dog and points to the back door where Maggie is.

He really had something to say and would not quit talking so we could get a picture... so this is a picture of what he does best :-)

For a month or so, Hunter would only eat french fries and corn dogs. I know that this is normal for kids to go through but I didn't want him to end up being a picky eater like me. So one day, out of no where, he started eating one of Matt's hamburgers (yes, everything on it..haha), then he resorted to wanting ketchup on his fries if he ever had them, then grilled chicken, and when we were eating wings... he decided he wanted them. Well we had some of the sauce on our fingers and he was begging for some of it. He was literally eating it off of our fingers. He got brave after a couple of minutes and started eating the actual wing. Yes there are still nights where all he wants is french fries, but overall he is doing so much eating different types of food.