Thursday, July 8, 2010

The other day we went to Aunt Darnell's surprise birthday party at Burger King in Childersburg. So many family, friends, and people from her church showed up to celebrate. She was very surprised, especially when she walked in the door and everyone shouted SURPRISE!!! We had so much fun seeing family and friends that we do not see often. Hunter even got to play on the playground for the first time because their playground is open to where parents can walk around with the little ones. He thought it was just amazing to be able to play with the big kids!

Hunter clapping after we shouted surprise.... I guess he thought we did a good job
Papa gave him a balloon when he left the party... he was entertained and happy the whole way home!

The other night Matt fixed broccoli and cheese to go along with our supper. It was delicious, he is such a good cook. Hunter is like a lot of children and did not want to eat the broccoli, I guess because it is green, but he loved the cheese that was on it. He would pick up the broccoli and just lick the cheese off. That cheese was everywhere!! He was sleep so he started rubbing his eyes with his cheesy hands.... this sounds gross but cheese was coming out of his eyes all night. It didn't seem to bother him but it did me... I am always cleaning stuff out of his eyes and etc. Sometimes I feel like a momma monkey cleaning things off of her baby :-)

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