Sunday, July 11, 2010

Helping at the dentist office

I have been having really bad headaches lately and I have discovered that I grind my teeth while I sleep. Matt's mom told me that she could make me a mouth piece that I can wear while I sleep and hopefully that will prevent my headaches. One day while they were cleaning the office, the family headed over there to get me a mouth piece. Hunter had so much fun crawling everywhere (he would not walk because there was carpet in 90% of the office... yes he is picky about the surface he walks on!) and trying to get into everything. He loved the area where they keep the patient files because of all the bright colored labels that they use. I turned on some of the equipment to let him hear all the different noises and get use to being in the dentist office. The noises did not seem to bother him, in fact he found them fascinating. Maybe he will be Dr. Hunter Brannen when he grows up!

(Sorry the pictures are blurry...I had to take them with Matt's phone)

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