Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July came on a Sunday this year so I had the honor of being off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On Friday evening, everyone on Matt's side of the family came to Sylacauga. We all went to eat at Cafe 205 to eat some really good wings. Saturday all of the cousin's played, picked blueberries, and rode the Gator together. Then we all met up that evening to eat supper at Tanya's. We got to eat a delicious blueberry and blackberry pie that my niece, Savannah, made. She is a wonderful cook! Sunday, we went swimming after church. Matt smoked Boston Butts all Saturday and Saturday night. They were wonderful (which I knew they would be). He is the type that can just throw something together and it taste amazing. I only wish I had that talent. It was very hot Sunday, so the pool was the best thing to have around. I seriously think that Hunter could live in the water and be the happiest boy in the world!

What a wonderful and dedicated dad Matt is... while we swam, he stayed inside to study. (but we made him take a break after a while to play)
He was walking towards the door and didn't realize, but once he did.... he went straight to the floor and started crawling. I have a feeling that he will master this walking thing very soon.

My favorite men in the world!

This is Sara, one of Hunter's favorite cousins
Hunter thought it was fun to look at himself in Matt's sunglasses

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