Sunday, July 18, 2010

Road Trip

We decided to take a road trip to go to the flea market in Leeds. The lady that works with me has a couple of booths there so we decided we would go visit and see what all they had. We had fun looking at everything and admiring the antiques. I resisted and did not buy anything except a lap tray that Matt or I can use to do our homework while we are sitting in bed. This is the same lap tray that you can buy at Walmart and for the same price, but at the flea market you do not pay taxes so we figured we would go ahead and get it.

After we left the flea market we HAD to go eat at Cracker Barrel. I think if there is one around, it is a sin not to go eat at it! Hunter was tired of riding and wanted to be outside and walking around.. so before we ate Mimi and I took him walking around and then after we ate Matt took him walking around. He was so much happier being outside.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Thomas Mullins had his 3rd birthday party at Scoops of Fun downtown. It was a tractor theme party because Thomas absolutely loves tractors. I think he officially owns every tractor toy in the world!
This is Mimi and Hunter playing one of the basketball games. I think Mimi was doing the work and Hunter was just supervising.

They loved watching the lights on the game and dancing to the music that the game played.
Thomas was telling Hunter exactly how to play the game. Hunter looks like he was really focused and listening to what Thomas was saying.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Before today, Hunter was walking a few steps on his own. Those steps were taken only if he was concentrated on something in front of him. If we started talking to him, he would quickly realize that he was walking and would sit down and start crawling. He really enjoys walking holding onto our hand because he can go faster than he could on his own.

However, this morning Hunter woke up with a lot of courage. Matt and I were getting ready and turned around and he was walking all over the house with this huge grin on his face. I didn't get a picture of him from the front because once he saw me with the camera he would sit down and start either talking or crawling. He is just like his Daddy and loves to mess with me!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Helping at the dentist office

I have been having really bad headaches lately and I have discovered that I grind my teeth while I sleep. Matt's mom told me that she could make me a mouth piece that I can wear while I sleep and hopefully that will prevent my headaches. One day while they were cleaning the office, the family headed over there to get me a mouth piece. Hunter had so much fun crawling everywhere (he would not walk because there was carpet in 90% of the office... yes he is picky about the surface he walks on!) and trying to get into everything. He loved the area where they keep the patient files because of all the bright colored labels that they use. I turned on some of the equipment to let him hear all the different noises and get use to being in the dentist office. The noises did not seem to bother him, in fact he found them fascinating. Maybe he will be Dr. Hunter Brannen when he grows up!

(Sorry the pictures are blurry...I had to take them with Matt's phone)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The other day we went to Aunt Darnell's surprise birthday party at Burger King in Childersburg. So many family, friends, and people from her church showed up to celebrate. She was very surprised, especially when she walked in the door and everyone shouted SURPRISE!!! We had so much fun seeing family and friends that we do not see often. Hunter even got to play on the playground for the first time because their playground is open to where parents can walk around with the little ones. He thought it was just amazing to be able to play with the big kids!

Hunter clapping after we shouted surprise.... I guess he thought we did a good job
Papa gave him a balloon when he left the party... he was entertained and happy the whole way home!

The other night Matt fixed broccoli and cheese to go along with our supper. It was delicious, he is such a good cook. Hunter is like a lot of children and did not want to eat the broccoli, I guess because it is green, but he loved the cheese that was on it. He would pick up the broccoli and just lick the cheese off. That cheese was everywhere!! He was sleep so he started rubbing his eyes with his cheesy hands.... this sounds gross but cheese was coming out of his eyes all night. It didn't seem to bother him but it did me... I am always cleaning stuff out of his eyes and etc. Sometimes I feel like a momma monkey cleaning things off of her baby :-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun by the pool

Since I was sick Monday (yes on my day off), Hunter went and hung out with Mimi and Pops for a while so that I could rest and Matt could study. They went swimming, played with Maggie, and did pretty much whatever Hunter wanted to do. Here are some pictures that Mimi took for me of their day together!

Mimi said that she could not get him to look at the camera... we think he was afraid that she would take his chip away from him.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July came on a Sunday this year so I had the honor of being off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On Friday evening, everyone on Matt's side of the family came to Sylacauga. We all went to eat at Cafe 205 to eat some really good wings. Saturday all of the cousin's played, picked blueberries, and rode the Gator together. Then we all met up that evening to eat supper at Tanya's. We got to eat a delicious blueberry and blackberry pie that my niece, Savannah, made. She is a wonderful cook! Sunday, we went swimming after church. Matt smoked Boston Butts all Saturday and Saturday night. They were wonderful (which I knew they would be). He is the type that can just throw something together and it taste amazing. I only wish I had that talent. It was very hot Sunday, so the pool was the best thing to have around. I seriously think that Hunter could live in the water and be the happiest boy in the world!

What a wonderful and dedicated dad Matt is... while we swam, he stayed inside to study. (but we made him take a break after a while to play)
He was walking towards the door and didn't realize, but once he did.... he went straight to the floor and started crawling. I have a feeling that he will master this walking thing very soon.

My favorite men in the world!

This is Sara, one of Hunter's favorite cousins
Hunter thought it was fun to look at himself in Matt's sunglasses