Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yard Sale

The first weekend in June, most everyone from the office that I work for had a yard sale in the office parking lot. Mom and I cleaned out most everything at her house and mine. We were very realistic and put things to be sold that we knew we would never use again or have not thought twice about it in years. Mom had kept all of my Barbies, girl toys, etc. so I went through all of that to try to get stuff out of her storage room. Matt started getting very nervous at the house because I would just start putting stuff in the box to be sold without thinking twice about it. If we have not used it or it hasn't moved from its place in the drawer since we had been in the house, then it was going to the yard sale. He started going behind me on some things and making sure I was not putting anything in it that he really did want to keep! Next time he might volunteer to help me go through stuff just to make sure he knows exactly what I am selling.

At the yard sale it was very HOT and humid. We were supposed to start at 7 but, of course, people started coming at around 6:30 as we are setting up. We had a wonderful turn out and sold just about everything that we had for sale. All of the yard sale action wore Hunter out... about 1 hour into it he was sound asleep. It was very tiring yet successful. Hopefully this fall we will have another one. It is a lot better when a couple of families get together to have one BIG sale.

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