Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Molars :-(

Hunter has hit the one year mark and now his molars are making there presence be known. Starting last Saturday, he has had a fever...cranky...sleepy (from the pain medicine)...has not been eating... just not feeling good at all. He was pitiful! We rotated giving him Tylenol (off brand since there is a recall on actual Tylenol) and Motrin every 2 hours. This eased him a little and allowed him and his parents to get some much needed rest. He lost a lot of weight these past few days because he really hasn't eaten much and that really had me concerned. This morning he was sleeping so good, that I tried to get ready as quietly as I could because I did not want to wake him up because I assumed he would not be happy. I need to stop assuming because when he woke up he was as happy as could be. He sat right up and just started talking to me and telling me all kinds of things. I just only wish I knew exactly what he was saying. Then he took my hand and walked all through the house and told me about everything...the pictures, his BIG teddy bear named Mr. Bear, his horse, etc. It was precious! We met at Wendy's for lunch and he was starving after not eating for a couple of days. He ate some fries and was still hungry so Matt got him a frosty since it would be cold and feel good on his gums. Well I wanted a bite....let me just tell you, Hunter likes to share but he does not like to share ice cream. He gave me this "Who do you think you are?" look. It was the best!! Yes, Matt went and got me my own ice cream... he did not find it fun feeding Hunter and me :-)

I think he was telling me not to eat his ice cream anymore!

He is definitely feeling better :-)

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