Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matt had to help my step-mother (Nana) cater a wedding all day so after Hunter's morning nap, he and I packed up and went to Mimi and Pop's house to play. We played outside with their dog, Maggie, went to Burks' and WalMart. At Burks', he would not let me hold him because Mimi kept running into "pretty women" that she knew and they would kiss all over him. He was in love and knew he better stick with Mimi after that. I tried to hold him and he just screamed until Mimi rescued him.

We enjoyed eating corn dogs for lunch. It is becoming Hunter's favorite. I guess because it is on a stick and easier to hold...not sure!

It started raining really hard during nap time and the thunder woke him up. After we played inside for a little bit, the rain stopped and we went outside to play.
It looks like he was in true concentration. I don't know about you, but that face has guilty written all over it!

I was not prepared for him to take a bath at Mimi and Pops so I did not bring a t-shirt for him to sleep in. Mom decided that she would find one of my t-shirts that was still at her house. She picked the best one ever!! Varsity Sylacauga Cheerleader shirt... I had to take pictures because I knew his Daddy would be so proud. haha!

He learned how to turn on the clock radio and would turn it on and off and sing and dance to the music.
It was hard to get a good picture because he did not want to sit still, he wanted to dance!

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