Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Sleep Over

I hate to admit it but it took a year for Matt and I to agree on when the right time would be for Hunter to sleep over at someone else's house. After he turned one, we realized whether we were ready or not...he needed to learn to stay at someone else's house. He stayed at my parents house a couple of weekends ago. You would have thought Matt and I would have gone to eat and hung out with friends.... NAH... we were so tired that we rented a movie and ate dinner at home. I think we just enjoyed talking and seeing each other. Matt found it a little different and strange not having Hunter around.. like at 7:00 pm he stated that he was weird not having to give Hunter a bath. Me on the other hand, I knew he was in good hands and my parents only lived 3 minutes down the road in case something happened. I guess I had the opposite reaction that most mom's have. I will have to admit, first thing the next morning I was ready to go get him. :-)

Mom took these pictures when he woke up Saturday morning. From the sleepy look on his face and the way his hair looks, he slept pretty good without Mommy and Daddy being across the hall.

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  1. He looks just like his Mimi in that first picture :D haaahaa! Just tooooo sweet!!! :)