Sunday, June 27, 2010

Evening of firsts

Tonight we decided to eat spaghetti and prepared to let Hunter enjoy it to the fullest. At first he was not sure about it because he knows that he is not allowed to throw food in the floor and things like this, but tonight was different... tonight we let him eat however he wanted. Sometimes a kid has to be a kid!

He played around in it for awhile before actually trying the spaghetti.
I finally picked it up and offered it to him and he loved it!

I just told Matt that I was surprised that he has not gotten it in his hair yet. At that moment he started rubbing his hair... that confirmed that he really does know what we are saying when we tell him no..... come here.....etc.
After he finished eating, it was off to take a long and much needed bath.
I woke up this morning just craving chocolate. Yes, it's a woman thing! So my sweet husband decided to make me some homemade brownies. Once the brownies were in the oven, he called me in the kitchen and had the leftover mixture of chocolate for Hunter and me. We do not give Hunter sweets that often, mainly because we don't eat sweets that much anymore. This was definitely a treat for him! Too bad Matt did not have a lot left over :-) Also we have learned a big lesson... look at what time it is before you start offering a 13 month old chocolate. It was getting late at night and chocolate was not the best answer. He was WIDE awake and ready to go. We just laughed and played really hard to drain all of that energy.

It has been confirmed... he likes chocolate!

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  1. I just SMILE so big at all your pictures and postings! If I'm not smiling, I'm crying (in a good way) b/c every story is just soooo precious!!!!

    p.s....he for certain has some Diffie in him with that chocolate...just sayin...