Friday, May 7, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, I had mentioned to Matt that I love swings and would like to have one in the future. He told me that he could easily build me one. I of course said no because we did not need to spend the money (on me) right now. The past couple of days Matt said he had to go to his grandfather's house and help him with some stuff. I did not think twice about it, because it is not unusual for him to go and help his grandfather. Well, I came home last night from walking and this beautiful swing was waiting for me. My husband is wonderful! He and his grandfather were working on something, they were working on my swing!! This swing will be used for years to come and wonderful memories will be made because of this swing.

Thank you Matt for being such an amazing husband to me and father to Hunter. God truly blessed me when he brought me you.

Hunter absolutely loved it!!

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