Saturday, May 29, 2010


My mom and I had the urge and desire to just walk around and "window shop". We started the day off by going to Kohl's, then it was raining so we went to Brookwood (we can park in the parking deck and not get wet) and ate Chick-fil-A. As we were eating, Mimi gave him a french fry and he wasn't too sure about it. It was not shaped like the other french fries that he has eaten at Burger King. So he ate some of his crackers and then tried to throw the french fries in the floor. I caught them before they hit the floor and made him aware that you DO NOT waste Chick-fil-A!! We browsed around Belk's for a while and found Matt some Sperry flip flops for part of his Father's Day gift. We got one size and then had to go back before we left to swap them out to a smaller size. So finally we got the right size and Matt loves them! The rain had stopped by this point and the sun was shinning so we decided to go to Watermark and find some good sales on clothes for Hunter. As I was getting his stroller out, I realized that there was a flip flop in it, I paniced thinking it was one of Matt's that we bought and I was hoping that we didn't leave with just one flip flop. So Mimi checked our bags and found Matt's pair of shoes so it looks like Hunter tried to keep ONE for his Daddy. Too bad its the wrong size!! My son is already a criminal, but he is a cute one!

We have got to get this poor baby some rocks to walk in. This was probably the highlight of his day!
When we finally got back in the car, he started holding up his rain jacket. I think it was his way of saying bye.. we aren't quite sure :-)
Overall we had a wonderful yet exhausting day. Mom and I use to do this all of the time and it was nice to do it again.

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