Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

In celebration of Memorial Day, the whole family decided to go swimming. Hunter enjoyed being in the water and just looked so relaxed in his float. He stayed in that pool for hours. So when we got home to give him a bath, he actually fussed at us for the first time. He really didn't understand why he had to get back into the water again!!

He knows he can get away with so much by giving us this look

There is nothing better than watermelon on a hot day. He has had watermelon before but has never eaten it like this. He loved it... but like a man, he loved it more when I held it for him to eat!

The watermelon was so good that we had to take his clothes off to prevent stains on his swimsuit. He did not mind, no clothes+watermelon= a great day.

He loved it when his Daddy finally was able to get in the pool with him! I just love watching them together. Matt is such a wonderful Dad and I feel so blessed to say that he is the father of my child.

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