Saturday, May 1, 2010

Matt's mom (Grammy) keeps Hunter during the day while I am at work and while Matt is in class. On Friday's, Matt does not have class so these are his days to catch up on cutting the grass or whatever it is that he needs to do. On this day, he had to do some things at his parents house so Hunter and Grammy decided that they would go too and play in the yard.

Hunter loves playing in the grass. He doesn't eat the grass... just likes to pull it out of the ground and play with it!

Grammy helped him climb the tree...It scares me how comfortable he looks in the tree. Usually kids cry when they are that high in a tree for the first time, but not my Hunter man

They decided to go on a ride in the Bulldog. Matt found his sister's old car seat and strapped it in the Bulldog and they rode around the yard (yes very slowly). Whoever drives him around, he will look up at them and just smile like they have made his day. Little does he know, that smile just makes our day.

He was tired of everyone else driving, it was his turn!

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