Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hunter's "security blanket" is a burp cloth. It doesn't matter which one it is as long as it is a certain type of burp cloth. (if that makes sense) He will stick it in his mouth and crawl all over the house. Sometimes he climbs up on the couch and looks at us with sad eyes and the cloth hanging from his mouth. I can't help but think about a little puppy bringing me a toy to throw so he can fetch it. No I am not saying Hunter is a dog but the whole situation is just too funny!

Friday night Matt's family went to eat Mexican for our niece, Sara's, birthday. She is just growing way too fast. The waiters came and sang happy birthday to her and were beating on drums and shaking maracas. Before they came in to sing, Hunter was talking away so he did not like the fact that they interrupted him talking. He just gave them this strange look. Of course we had to get a picture of him with Sara's sombrero.

Saturday night my mom's side of the family went to eat at City Limits for my grandmother's birthday. Some of the family ordered fried dill pickles and we decided we would let Hunter try one. He wasn't too sure about it. For some reason he just kept touching the pickle. He has had pickles before and loved them but they were not fried. Needless to say he did not try the pickle and ended up throwing it on the floor. Sometimes I feel like more food ends up on the floor than in his mouth.

Hunter is trying so hard to start walking. We have been so proud of him. His Uncle Tony and Aunt Cindy got him this "Walk-n-Ride" were he can push it and ride on it. He loves it. He also has one that he can just push and it has toys on the front for him to play with. He was more comfortable walking with it while his Mimi (my mom) was around. He knew she would catch him!

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