Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring is here!

We are so glad that spring is finally here, especially since Hunter LOVES being outside. During the winter it became a challenge to get him out enough to satisfy him. Today while I was at work, Matt and Hunter decided to plant some flowers for me. Hunter was not too sure about the actual dirt but he caught on quickly. He had a blast! He usually goes to bed around 8 and tonight he was trying to go to sleep at 6:45 but we had to get a bath because he was filthy!!

Hunter was so happy that Daddy accidently spilled the ice out of his cup :-)

He was content for hours just playing in his pack-n-play...

Our family treat for those warm days is popsicles. Matt and I are lucky to eat even a third of our popsicle when Hunter is around, but that's ok because seeing how happy he gets eating them, makes it all worth it!

Waiting on Daddy to give me some of the popsicle that he "thought" I didn't see him eating...

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