Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Advice and Puppies!

We went to Matt's sister, Tanya's, house to spend some time with them and get some help on one of Matt's school papers that he had to write. Usually I can help but this one involved too much information about nursing so I decided Tanya was the best person to go to for help! While she looked over the paper, Matt finished cooking the kids supper, and Luke tried to keep Hunter occupied and out of the kitchen. They were both in the floor and Luke starting telling Hunter everything....Aliens.... Hunting....anything he could think of. Hunter just sat and watched him in amazement and as if he was truly understanding what Luke was telling him. It was definately a priceless moment. He really loves his cousins!

My Dad has great pyrenees dogs that would watch over and guard all of his goats. After many faithful years. he has decided to get out of the goat business. The main female dog, Bonnie, had a liter of puppies and so Dad is going to have to give them away for others to enjoy. We decided to take Hunter to go see them before they were all gone. Those puppies are precious and will soon turn into HUGE dogs. They have a 1 1/2 year old great pyrenees named "Puppy" that is the size of a pony. I told Hunter that he could ride it if we had a saddle. On this day, Hunter was not to fond of the puppies because they were climbing all over him and licking him. Since this day we have had the pleasure of visiting the puppies two more times and now he has grown to love them. He thinks they are so funny!!

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