Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st time at the park

I love spring time and this week the weather has been perfect.... Not too warm, not too cold. During my lunch break one day this week, we decided to pack up some sandwiches and go to the park for a little picnic. This was the first time that Hunter had been to the park and he loved it. The swings are by the road so we faced Hunter towards the vehicles as they go by and he was thrilled!!!

(Notice he will not let go of his last chip from lunch. I guess he was saving it for later.)

That face just lights up my world!

He was just a "talking" to Daddy. I think he was trying to convince him that we needed to stay a little bit longer.

Advice and Puppies!

We went to Matt's sister, Tanya's, house to spend some time with them and get some help on one of Matt's school papers that he had to write. Usually I can help but this one involved too much information about nursing so I decided Tanya was the best person to go to for help! While she looked over the paper, Matt finished cooking the kids supper, and Luke tried to keep Hunter occupied and out of the kitchen. They were both in the floor and Luke starting telling Hunter everything....Aliens.... Hunting....anything he could think of. Hunter just sat and watched him in amazement and as if he was truly understanding what Luke was telling him. It was definately a priceless moment. He really loves his cousins!

My Dad has great pyrenees dogs that would watch over and guard all of his goats. After many faithful years. he has decided to get out of the goat business. The main female dog, Bonnie, had a liter of puppies and so Dad is going to have to give them away for others to enjoy. We decided to take Hunter to go see them before they were all gone. Those puppies are precious and will soon turn into HUGE dogs. They have a 1 1/2 year old great pyrenees named "Puppy" that is the size of a pony. I told Hunter that he could ride it if we had a saddle. On this day, Hunter was not to fond of the puppies because they were climbing all over him and licking him. Since this day we have had the pleasure of visiting the puppies two more times and now he has grown to love them. He thinks they are so funny!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jeep Riding

On pretty Saturday or Sunday afternoon's we truly enjoy riding around in the Jeep, especially when we do not have any particular place we need to go. We find it truly relaxing and entertaining because Hunter feels like he has to talk to every vehicle that is behind us (he is still rear facing). On this day, Hunter felt like it was about time for him to be able to get in the driver's seat!!

Spring is here!

We are so glad that spring is finally here, especially since Hunter LOVES being outside. During the winter it became a challenge to get him out enough to satisfy him. Today while I was at work, Matt and Hunter decided to plant some flowers for me. Hunter was not too sure about the actual dirt but he caught on quickly. He had a blast! He usually goes to bed around 8 and tonight he was trying to go to sleep at 6:45 but we had to get a bath because he was filthy!!

Hunter was so happy that Daddy accidently spilled the ice out of his cup :-)

He was content for hours just playing in his pack-n-play...

Our family treat for those warm days is popsicles. Matt and I are lucky to eat even a third of our popsicle when Hunter is around, but that's ok because seeing how happy he gets eating them, makes it all worth it!

Waiting on Daddy to give me some of the popsicle that he "thought" I didn't see him eating...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who would have known?!?!

After buying Hunter many bath toys for Christmas....

The FREE State Farm cup from work would be his favorite toy!!!

He has now learned that if you fill the cup up with water... you can pour it out on the bathroom floor. He finds it very funny.... So now we are having to hide the red cup whenever it is bath time. Hopefully he will grow fond of ALL the toys we bought him to play with.

Maybe my boss will let him be the new model for State Farm... just a thought! :-)


I can't wait for Hunter to get older and understand the reason why we celebrate Easter. He will know that Jesus suffered and died on the cross so that we can have direct access to God and will be forgiven for our sins. If that's not love, I do not know what is. Now that I have a little boy, I could not imagine him going through everything that Jesus endured. This shows that we really are loved.

We had so much fun spending time with Hunter on his first Easter. It was funny to watch him play with the plastic eggs and finding all of the prizes in them. His Grammy (Matt's Mom) gave him an egg that had M&M's in it. Hunter's mean Mom would not let him eat the M&M's, especially since he had on a white shirt. I guess he thought he would eat the plastic since he could not have what was inside.

Mimi and Pops with Hunter Easter morning...

Our sweet little family!!

He was not happy about taking pictures. Of course, when we stopped taking pictures, he was happy and laughing. Just my luck!!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Saturday before Easter!!

We started off Saturday morning by going to Matt's parents house to eat breakfast with his side of the family. Hunter enjoyed seeing his cousin's.

Then we went to my Dad's side of the family to hunt Easter eggs with them. Hunter was not sure about the whole "hunting for eggs" thing but he loved finding the eggs that had coins in them. They were fun to shake and make noises!!