Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beach Bound

We are so fortunate this year and got to go to the beach with Mimi and Pops. This was a needed vacation and the first one where I had to pack for Hunter. I had no idea what Hunter might want or need on the trip so I know I over packed...but that's normal for me! We left when I got off of work so that Hunter could sleep most of the way down there. He did fantastic!

I was ready to get to the beach and Hunter loved it too! He didn't mind the sand but the pool is always his favorite right now.

We truly took a vacation this time... I left the condo's parking lot maybe once the whole time. We cooked in the condo for every meal and if we weren't in the room.. we were on the beach or in the pool. I will be was so nice being able to be lazy. Matt and I were able to get schoolwork done at the same time. Perfect was the one word to describe it!

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