Friday, May 22, 2009

Leaving the hospital

We finally got to leave the hospital on the 3rd day. Matt and I got up early (being a new parent and staying in the hospital.. we weren't really getting much sleep) and were packed and waiting for the Doctor to release Hunter and me so we could go home. I couldn't wait to sleep in my own bed and finally get him home where he belongs. At the same time I was scared to death because I had never taken care of a newborn before but it is amazing how God gives you the natural instinct to be able to know what to do. Also, Matt and I are a wonderful team and we figured things out together.. we failed together and succeeded together.

Hunter did amazing on the ride home... He pretty much slept the whole time and so did I. Matt was a nervous wreck driving home because he was just a lot more cautious of how other people were driving because now he had his SON in the car with us and he was not going to allow anything to happen to him.
Gosh we look soooo tired. But we were so eager to go home.
First bath... we had no clue what we were doing but we had fun trying to figure it out.

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