Friday, May 28, 2010

I once thought that I would be a very "thrifty" grocery shopper and so I started collecting coupons and joined and we all organized and ready to save money. Well... since we are members of Sam's and have a very busy life right now, these coupons were just collecting dust. While doing some spring cleaning, I thought I should go through my coupons and throw out the ones that are out of date. Hunter LOVED this part of cleaning... I would just throw the old ones in the floor and he played and played and talked to the coupons. I think he was actually fussing at me for not using them and I tried to explain that if I used them, he wouldn't have had anything to play with!! Matt was out of the room while we were making a mess and he came back in very shocked and wondering what in the world were we doing. I told him that we were cleaning!! haha :-)

He was having so much fun!!

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