Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Gage!

Can't believe my little stinker is now 4 years old. It truly seems like yesterday we were leaving the hospital with him and wondering how we were going to handle two kids. We wouldn't trade him for the world. He loves superheros, picking on everyone, snuggling, riding the go-kart, strawberry milk, spaghetti, and anything his brother or daddy are doing. He truly keeps us on our toes but keeps us laughing at the same time. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Batman!!!

We started off the Saturday before Gage's birthday with pancake breakfast at Sylacauga High School, walked around the car show and museum for a while before heading to Hunter's baseball tryouts.

After tryouts we headed to Birmingham to celebrate Gage. He requested to go to Treetop and eat Japanese food so we went to Stix.

He asked for legos for his birthday so we decided to let  him have his present on Sunday after church  that he would have plenty of time to play since his birthday is on a Monday.

 He was so excited!!

 Happy 4th Birthday Gage!!! (time please slow down)

 The night of his birthday we went to eat Mexican (his request) with the grandparents.

 He is such a stinker. I could eat him up!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

It's a GIRL!

I am officially 16 weeks along and we just found out baby #3 is going to be a girl. We are beyond excited and scared at the same time. For almost 8 years of our life we have worried about superheros, playing in the dirt, wrestling, and all things boy. However, we can't wait for this new adventure in our life. She is going to be loved beyond measure!

 The boys are excited as well and have started fighting this morning about who the baby will play with more. Too funny! They are going to be awesome big brothers and I can't wait to see the bond that all three have.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Best Friends

They say a dog is a man's best friend and boy are they right. These two are buddies for sure! Everyday that we get home, Hunter is begging to go outside to play with Kaiser. Kaiser being only almost 6 months old doesn't realize he is full grown but Hunter doesn't mind. It is the sweetest bond ever.

 Kaiser also needs a pool. This boy loves water. We went to the lake in January and the boy swam and had a blast in the freezing cold. I filled up this bucket and he tried his best to get all four legs in but settled for only two. He definitely keeps us laughing. I guess this summer I will be buying plenty of kiddie pools :-)
The boys and I had a date before church Wednesday night. For once they were getting along and not fighting. was peaceful!! They had me laughing talking about their brother or sister that is on the way. They are so excited that we are finding out very soon which one it will be. Gage wants a brother and Hunter wants a sister. At least one of them will be happy.. ha!

 Gage loves to tackle and hug Hunter all the time. Sometimes he will do it once but if he knows it's bothering Hunter he will do it multiple times. I remind Hunter that Gage just loves him. Best friends indeed!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentines and More

Our big boy Kaiser is growing so fast. I need to get a full body picture of him soon but when I can't seem to get him to be still. He has soo much energy. He is now almost 6 months old. I can't believe how fast time has slipped away. I guess I have been busy being occupied with two kids, husband and growing a third baby :-) They say every pregnancy is different and boy were "they" right. This one has kept me on my toes the first trimester. Hoping and praying for a more peaceful second and third trimester.

Matt had a procedure the other day and I was sick so the boys spent a long weekend with Mimi and Pops. So thankful to live near family. I truly don't know what we would do without them. They took care of our kids, brought us food, went to the store for milk, etc. Awesome!  I have to say...the boys didn't really want to come home. 
 Happy Valentines Day!!

My sweet husband and I don't usually exchange gifts for v-day. However, this year he went over and beyond and bought me a gift card for a pregnancy massage. I can't wait to use it! He is so thoughtful and kind.

We also never go out to eat on this night because the crowds are just insane. Well Matt insisted so I got off a little early and we went to eat mexican but baby #3 was craving a chocolate dipped cone so Dairy Queen afterwards was a must. It was a blast. So thankful for the loves in my life.